About Chania

Chania Old Town

The beautiful old town of Chania is full of picturesque narrow, stone-built pedestrian streets and sights of enormous historical importance that are undoubtedly the ornaments of the city and the whole island. Historically, it is worth mentioning that the old city of Chania was burned down and bombed several times in its long history.

The conquerors took care to leave their own seal everywhere in the Old City. With reference to the Egyptian lighthouse, the Venetian harbor and the Ottoman Yali Mosque are some of the buildings that have survived.

Visitors to the Old Town of Chania have the opportunity to wander through the narrow alleys and admire the countless sights. Sights of historical and cultural importance that testify to the favorable location that was built and wanted to conquer. More specifically in the Old Town you will find the Venetian harbor, the Egyptian lighthouse, the Splantzia square, the fountain, the Firka fortress, the Maritime Museum of Crete, the great Arsenali, the shipyards, the Yali Mosque and the Cathedral of Chania.

Today the Old Town hosts various businesses such as hotels, restaurants, shops and more

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